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Simple T-shirts are not so simple


T-shirts are worn by everyone these days, and everyone wants to have a comfortable, casual, well-fitting T-shirt. For a good T-shirt, the selection of fabrics and the requirements of craftsmanship are very important. Dongshang produces about one million T-shirts every year. It is very professional in the production of T-shirts and has accumulated rich resources and experience.

How to customize the perfect T-shirt? Follow my steps and it will be a breeze.

choice of fabric

The main fabric of most T-shirts is knit. The comfort of a fabric mainly refers to its cotton content and fabric density. The higher the cotton content, the higher the density of the fabric and the more comfortable it is.

The gram weight of the fabric is also very critical to the T-shirt’s version and comfort. Usually, the gram weight of T-shirt fabrics in spring and summer is between 180g-220g.

printing art

Based on your design, we will advise on the best printing process. There are many processes for fabric printing, we choose the process according to its beauty and reasonable price. Because different fabrics can choose different printing processes, not only more beautiful, but also cheaper. As a professional T-shirt manufacturer, professional printing knowledge is essential.

Embroidery craft

Embroidery can make patterns more three-dimensional, and patterns woven through dense threads look lifelike.

Embroidery has been used in different types of clothing over the years. Evolving over time, the relationship between t-shirts and embroidery is a match made in heaven, as many t-shirt collections use this design option to stand out from the competition.

Strict quality management

The T-shirt is a simple piece of clothing, but the quality inspection should pay attention to the following details. First of all, fabric inspection is essential to rule out uneven dyeing, and the yarn is true. Secondly, measure the size of each T-shirt, waist, bust, length, etc. are all in line with the customer’s requirements. Finally, remove all the threads from the T-shirt.

Strict and detailed quality inspection, your consumers will get an incredible T-shirt.

FAQ For Custom T Shirt

As a professional t shirt manufacturer, we want to give you better understanding of how we work and answer all of your concerns. Please read the following FAQs. You can also request a quote to ask more.

With your teckpack files or style picture you sent, we will confirm a fabric, workmanship, bulk price, shipping, and packing with you before the sample stage, then we will move to creating the samples.

Certainly, our professional designer team are always standing by for your demand.  You can also directly choose from our design library. After we confirm all the details, your tech pack will be sent to you within one day.

According to your design, we give MOQ. Usually, the MOQ for T-shirts is between 50-80 pieces.

We can find more fabric samples to send to you for confirmation. We can assist you, we will confirm the color fastness of the fabric, whether it will pilling, etc., and give you an evaluation form.

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