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Custom embroidery craftsmanship is an essential service for high quality garment manufacturers

Embroidery is a very important craft for the garment industry. With the continuous development of clothing production level, a lot of embroidery methods have been born. The combination of embroidery and clothing is an enduring fashion trend. Denim jackets, and motorcycle jackets, show dazzling personality through intricate embroidery.

As a professional garment manufacturer, Dongsheng is also very professional in embroidery craftsmanship. Your idea, we can do it. let’s start

Computer conventional embroidery

Computer conventional embroidery is embroidering various patterns, cutting pieces or embroidering into lace by applying different pattern-making skills and installing design drafts.

Computer conventional embroidery can be used in local or large areas of garments. If the pattern needs to be subjected to high temperature, the shrinkage rate and elasticity of the fabric should not be too large, because it is easy to cause uneven patterns when set at high temperature, and the edge of the fabric with high elasticity is easy to lose. Injustice.

Thick thread embroidery

Thick thread embroidery is to use thicker thread (such as 300d/2 or 450d/2) than ordinary embroidery thread (120d/2) to embroider the desired pattern.

Thick thread embroidery has the super three-dimensional effect of hand embroidery, and it is a craft of imitating hand embroidery. Embroidery craftsmanship is very popular in casual wear in recent years.

Wrapped pedicel embroidery

Wrapped pedicel embroidery is an embroidery technique in which padding and materials are added to reflect the three-dimensional feeling. It is suitable for making special three-dimensional effects on handbags, shoe uppers, and clothing!

The padding material is three-dimensional and environmentally friendly, using materials such as foam sponge and styrene board, and its thickness is in the range between the presser foot and the cloth (3-5mm).

Affixed cloth embroidered

Affixed cloth embroidered is adding another fabric embroidery to the fabric to add a 3D stereoscopic effect or layering.

The characteristics of the two fabrics of the applique should not be too different. The edges of the decals need to be trimmed. Fabrics with high elasticity or insufficient density are prone to loose openings and uneven clothes after embroidery.

sequin embroidery

Sequin embroidery is to use sequins of the same shape and size to form a rope-like material, and then embroider on a flat embroidery machine with a sequin embroidery device.

Sequin embroidery is suitable for handbags, shoe uppers, and clothing to make a special effect similar to manual fixing! Make the embroidery have a strong texture! Computer-embroidered sequins can be embroidered on a piece of cloth, or a piece can be partially embroidered according to the pattern.

Sequins require smooth and neat edges to avoid hooking or cutting threads. The beads require high-temperature resistance, environmental protection, and no fading.


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