Dongguan Dongshang Garment Co., Ltd

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How It All Started

Dongshang was founded in 2012 to help and serve the sourcing and apparel production needs of independent fashion brands, large corporations and e-commerce retailers.

We handle the entire supply chain process, from design and development, procurement of fabrics and accessories, sampling, bulk garment production, packaging, quality control assessment, and arranging product delivery.

Most importantly, we at Dongshang view each project as a partnership, where quality and the joy of seeing an idea come to life are Paramount.

We believe that anyone in the world with the creativity and the Internet connection can start their own fashion brand with us.

To date, we have worked with clients from all over the world, from the United States to Tahiti, to launch and grow their fashion businesses and brands.

Our Mission

For new apparel importers, finding a suitable factory in China may be a painful thing, and there are too many uncertainties. Dongshang is committed to helping those garment importers, wholesalers, and even retail shop owners.

We help customers produce high-quality garments, ensure the delivery date of the products, and arrange delivery to their doorsteps. And we also support small batch order production to ensure that your entire purchasing process is easier and safer.

Why Us?

Garment factories with more than 50 workers in China mainly serve large garment importers, focusing on receiving relatively large orders. And we are more focused on serving small and medium-sized clothing buyers, and even clothing retailers. Do you want to know why?

We provide more product customization and packaging customization options, and support the production of more small batch orders. We also implement stricter standards for employee recruitment and training to maintain professionalism.

We have 1,000 square meters of factory buildings and are equipped with full-time employees to ensure the delivery time and perfect product quality before the customer’s goods are shipped out of China.

Our Achievements

Since 2012, our Tmall has sold more than 1 million high-quality women’s clothing. These clothes are produced in our own factory, and consumers are full of praise for the quality of our clothes. At the same time, our factory also helps 70 foreign small and medium-sized enterprises to produce clothing. Some customers ordered less than 100 pieces per month from the beginning, but now they order more than 5,000 pieces per month. In fact, the reason is very simple, we only need to do a good job in product quality.

Wade, Founder

In 2011, just after graduating from university, I became interested in cross-border e-commerce. When I woke up, I saw customer orders from AliExpress, ebay, and amazon, so I founded my own clothing brand, LYNLLA, and started my career in the fashion e-commerce industry.

I’ve always wanted to show my creativity in fashion design and I thought LYNLLA would be a great medium to show my creativity. Through the efforts of our team, we have achieved sales of 1000-1500 clothes per day in a very short period of time. However, with the rapid growth of orders, the factories I work with began to have problems with insufficient capacity and uneven quality. This has had a big impact on my business.

In 2012, I decided to set up my own clothing production factory to control everything from design to production. I named the factory DongShang, Dong in English means east, Shang is fashion, which means fashion manufacturer from the east. With the accumulation of experience, I have established the system and operation from design, procurement, plate making, and production.

My original intention of starting Dongshang was to make high-quality clothes. The experience of this journey has given me a deeper understanding of garment production.
I would like to share Dongshang’s production experience with wholesalers who want to get high-quality clothing and companies who want to start their own fashion brands.
Dongshang will solve all the difficulties you encounter when making clothing, create better clothing quality, and help your fashion career get better and better.