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With 10 years of production experience, we have become a factory that can produce high-quality garments quickly.

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Experience top quality with China's top clothing manufacturers

The garment manufacturing process is a long process involving different craftsmanship and details. When a client wants quality finished garments, it is crucial to hire a quality garment manufacturer to do the job. From fabrics, accessories, process selection, and finally, to sewing, everything needs to be pieced together and requires specialized expertise that only good apparel manufacturers can do because they are very specialized in apparel product knowledge and solutions.

Here's How We Can Help You

One-Stop Services from A-Z

From garment manufacturing, to custom labeling and packaging, manufacture everything you need under one roof with us.

Relying on our strong, professional team, we can take care of the entire supply chain of your apparel business, which means you can save time, money and effort dealing with multiple apparel manufacturers and focus on your business.

Lower Your Inventory Risk

Our MOQ for each design is only 50-100 pieces, which can reduce the worry of slow sales, oversupply and avoid wasting resources.

With this, you can discover what works and what doesn’t in your design – all without waste or huge cost.

100% Quality Guarantee of Dongshang Apparel

A high standard of clothing quality is a difficult task involving different aspects and details. Putting everything together, from printing to stitching, requires special expertise that can only be obtained from a good garment manufacturer with the ability and understanding to work around apparel products.

Dongshang’s quality management method is that every piece of clothing must be inspected 5 times, and every detail is handled to ensure that every piece is perfect in the hands of consumers.

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Bring Creative Ideas To Life

Share your concept and vision with us, and we’ll help you bring them to life.

We take care of developing your ideas and spearheading the clothing manufacturing process, so that you have one less worry, and can focus on marketing and building your brand.

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Behind You All The Way

We present ourselves as members of your team. First and foremost, the most important task is to provide consumers with the perfect clothes.

Second, we’re here to help you, and we’re with you every step of the way – meaning with us, you’ll never be alone on your manufacturing journey.

Your Creativity and Design, Let Dongshang Assist You To Achieve

Custom Women & Men Tee

Custom Women Coats & Jackets

Custom Women Hoodies & Sweartshirt

Custom Women Dress

Custom Women Jumpsuit & Romper

Custom Men Coats & Jackets

Custom Men Denim

Custom Kids Clothing

We have partnered with more than 500 brands worldwide

The work done for us was very timely and the samples and final garments were made to luxurious standards. Through effective communication, we are very happy and happy to start our first series with Dongshang, so thank you! "

Overall, our cooperation with Dongshang is very positive. It's a great experience to have the team there working with you, like an extension of your own team, doing some "hands-on". The quality of the clothes is also really good!

Like most consumers, I can't see a difference between a 6-8 if the clothing quality rating is 10. When a 10-point product comes into my hands, I get a "wow". What's amazing is that every time I receive Dongshang's clothes, I can't help but say "wow"

Since working with Dongshang, I've been really lucky to find a clothing manufacturer that not only maintains high standards for my products. They also continued to provide guidance throughout the manufacturing process and my business development.